The Leaner, Simpler PMO


Organisations which are leaner, more agile, move faster and deliver more dynamic projects demand the same characteristics from their PMOs. This insight kicked off a recent interview with Nick Wilson, MD at Programmexpress, who are exhibiting at the PMO Conference on the 11th June.

Programmes and projects which deliver competitive advantage through new products and services are just one typical example of projects that rely on the capability to deliver quickly and innovatively. Being first to market needs a simple effective approach to project management without the unnecessary bureaucracy and overhead. At the same time these projects need to maintain good control and governance. It’s the classic oxymoron of project management and one which challenges PMOs on a regular basis. The challenge is to enable organisations to deliver projects in the way they know best whilst giving them the ability to have just enough control in order to manage the business effectively. That is Nick and programmexpress’ view, keep control on programmes and projects simple and enable the teams to focus on what they do best, deliver.


  1. Managing projects is a very complex field that requires time and attention to details. This is why programmexpress seems to be the right tool to put an end to major issues, like missed reports or exceeded budgets. If it is as easy to use as it seems, it is even better, as no PM has too much time to waste learning how to use a software and then showing it to the team. This tool seems to be quite a major attraction this year at the PMO Connference.


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