Why eLearning Materials Need A Professional Voice Over for More Impact

professional voice over for elearning materials

E-learning is thought to be approaching a global worth of over $325 billion dollars within the next few years. It’s a flexible learning approach that can be used by numerous businesses and organisations to boost learning experience and outcomes, in addition to, or instead of classroom based learning.

Of course, simply offering an eLearning platform does not mean that it will be as effective as it could be, or as well received. In order to ensure that an eLearning programme is as impactful as possible, there are multiple factors that have to be included such as accurate content, a flowing format, an engaging presentation and clear graphics and imagery.

In this article, we want you to consider professional voice overs as a way to not just perfect your eLearning materials, but to actively elevate them. Let’s take a closer look:

Why The Voice Is So Important For An eLearning Course

So much focus can be placed on images, graphics and content that voice may not be a factor in those initial planning thoughts, or even during the finishing processes of a course. In fact, the right voice can actually elevate a course, or if an amateur and badly recorded voice is used, it could potentially detract from the quality of the course and negatively impact it.

Why Use A Professional Voiceover For eLearning Course

For some businesses, they may feel that it is easy enough to have Joanne from reception, or John from HR recording the content, because why not? They sound great and it’s cheaper than hiring a professional voice actor. You can also easily record on a computer microphone or headset, right?

Well, although these points are true, they don’t necessarily mean you’re going to get great results. In fact, 9 times out of 10 they guarantee at least some flaws with your voiceover. Instead, it’s a good idea to invest in a professional voice over for eLearning courses, because you get the following, every time:

  • Experience – Professional voice actors are highly trained and have a huge range of experience under their belt. They have done the same job with multiple organisations and script types, so there’s no learning period needed – they know how to simply get the job done.
  • Professional Sound Recording Engineers – When you use a voiceover company you get the help of professional sound recording engineers, who are able to provide you with exceptional, crisp recordings to use on your eLearning course. They also know how to work with a voiceover actor to ensure that the work is done as quickly as possible – no paying over the odds for extra hours in the studio.
  • Professional Studio Use – You can hire a studio to record without having a voice actor, however, more often than not the two together come as a package so, it makes good financial sense to utilise a professional studio to get the best possible results. Recording any voiceover without a professional studio is a huge mistake because the sound quality will be much lower than a customer will expect, and could well damage the overall presentation of your course.
  • Industry Awareness – A voice actor has industry awareness and knows how to behave, and provide the kind of results you expect from a professional in this industry.
  • Acting Ability – Voice actors are not just a clear speaking voice, but rather a person who knows how to act with their voice. They know how to provide emotion, intonation, rhythm and more, so that their reading of the script is engaging.
  • Technical Skills – Voice actors have technical abilities such as: speaking well, reading the script ahead of speaking it, being able to use technical equipment in a studio, pace, rhythm, pitch and breathing control.
  • Quick Turnaround – Voice actors can be available quickly, and accommodate any schedule that you have. Because they are focused on your needs alone, there is no need to squeeze you in, or rush what you need. You can simply get what you need and push on with your eLearning project milestones.
  • Quality – The quality that a voice actor is able to add to your eLearning materials is vast. Investing in this kind of addition to your course can only signal to all who access the course that you are a brand of exceptional quality and standards.
  • Varied Options – When you access voice acting talent you have a choice of many male and female voices of different tones and accents. So you can get the perfect voice for your eLearning course.
  • Foreign Language Options – A complete language company providing voice acting talent will also be able to provide translation of the content, and voiceovers in multiple languages. This enables you to ensure your content is accessible to multiple language speakers, broadening the overall usability of your material.

Whilst it may be easy to see so many benefits like those above, and think that the cost of such a service will be far beyond your budget, it is important to know that companies of all sizes utilise voiceover services. You often only need an affordable, targeted budget for this kind of package, which then brings meaningful rewards for your eLearning materials and other training course resources.


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