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Context is a web-based project and resource management tool designed to help companies deal with the realities of today’s workplace. Multi-tasking and working across multiple projects is now the norm in many companies – both large and small. This can present headaches for project and business managers.

Equally, as companies attempt to become more competitive they are attempting to do more with less – which means dealing with increased workloads. By showing the bigger picture Context helps business and project managers to align their resourcing requirements.

Context is equipped with an allocation engine which is aware of all of a resource’s commitments – including tasks, meetings, absences and regular scheduled activities. It uses this knowledge to intelligently calculate resource availability and therefore prevent clashes and overlaps.

In addition the system is equipped with high-level views which enable business managers to pinpoint which resources are being over-burdened and which are being under-utilised. Context also boasts ‘Task Matrix’ functionality, which enables project and business managers to view allocations for multiple resources simultaneously and re-allocate or re-schedule tasks simply by dragging and dropping. The resulting schedules can be implemented immediately or saved as ‘Scenarios’ for further review.

The application also includes a simple but robust security model, over 20 built-in reports, room booking functionality, user-definable checklists and a host of other features. All of these features are available in one single, competitively priced version. Customers can choose to purchase the software as a hosted service or have it installed on their local network.

For more information or to arrange for a demonstration of the software please get in touch using the contact details below.

Technical Note
Context is an entirely web-based product and therefore only requires a browser such as IE, Mozilla or Chrome to run it. For the on-site installation option the requirements are:

  • Microsoft IIS 6 or above
  • SQL Server 2005 or above. Context can run on the standard as well as the Express editions.
About Blackstairs Mountains Software
BMS is a small software house based in South East London. Context represents its first product launch but further products are in the pipeline. BMS also provides Business Intelligence and consultancy services for the Microsoft platform.

Office Tel: 020 8859 7261
Mobile Tel: 07852 990266


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