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Paul Naybour
Paul is a project management consultant and account manager with particular expertise in the analysis, process development, and implementation of change program management, risk management, earned value management, and bespoke project management training development and delivery. Paul is the Business Development Director of the company Parallel Project Training

Parallel project training is please to announce the  launched their Free PMP prep podcasts. The pod cast was released on their website as well as ITunes. The pod cast covers about PMP certification and the way it is linked to PMBoK. Some of the topics that have been covered are PMP credentials, project time management institute, how the exam can be applied, hints of preparing the exam, the process of applying the exam and guide to project management.

Some of the people that have been featured in pod cast are Adrian Taggart and Paul Naybour. Paul is well known because of creating good project management pod casts. In UK, PMP Prep Podcasts have been welcomed so well and they have become successful. So for there are more than one hundred thousand downloads that have been done. Adrian Taggart is PMP trainer. Both of them have good experience in supporting candidates that are preparing for PMP exam. Paul Naybour has been teaching about PMP for more than ten years.PMBOK guide clearly defines different areas of project time management like abilities, tools, techniques and usage of understanding. It also defines the manager of the project. In most project management training, tools and practices for success in the project are never noticed, this makes experts to see the significance of this. The project states that project managers should not only manage projects well but also make other people to become successful.

A lot of people do not know the meaning of PMP. Project time management professional is somebody who has an industry recognized certificate especially for project managers only. The certificate is known worldwide and it has become the standard for all project managers worldwide. The PMP certification is also important because it makes an individual to be above other employers and receive a good salary over those who do not have the certificate. After knowing what PMP is, it is also good to be aware of exam preparations methods, so that an individual can get his PMP certification. The best way of preparing for exams is by utilizing audio and video sources like pod casts as well as audio books. They have to be closely linked to PMP exam. Another way is by getting a PMP exam book that has all the information that is required to pass PMP exams. The fastest way of planning the exam is by utilizing all the learning methods.

If a project has been properly defined, it gives a good chance to the project manager to answer all the questions about scheduling. A reliable project should identify all the activities of the projects as well as their interrelationships. The types of activities that are needed in creating end product and how they have to be sequenced to achieve good results.

In the guide, learners have been provided with guidelines of project management time and interrelations between groups. The course also talks about project activities, activity attributes and many more stuffs. The course also helps beginners in preparing them for the exam of PMBOK certification. A lot of people want their projects to be executed well, for those who have done PMP exam prep and passed are in demand. If an individual passes the exam this shows that, you have experience and knowledge of helping your company to succeed in difficult situations. In order to receive the certification the applicants must pass all the areas of PMBOK knowledge. But the educational requirements can be accomplished if only the candidate finishes courses, training and workshops that are offered by various types of education providers.

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