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Success in today’s fast paced business world comes down to a few factors. Some of these factors are concrete, some are abstract. What is plainly undeniable is this fact: a competitive edge amounts to long term success in any given discipline. Employees with proactive, hands on project management experience are always more valuable to employers, more productive, and ultimately more sought after in their chosen industry. Instead of plowing through the ranks for years on end, trying to acquire project management skills, project management courses can offer an accelerated route whose effects upon any career are immediately noticeable.

Parallel Project Training meets all the criteria necessary for providing the most comprehensive, rigorous, yet flexible and supportive project management training available today. High quality pre-course materials and resources, experienced trainers, ongoing support before and after courses, and a high quality venue that recreates an optimal learning environment all contribute to the exceptional track record Parallel Project Training can claim.
Likewise, an individual who can claim project management courses on their resume will automatically be regarded as a project leader by whatever company they work for. The career boosting benefits of project management training are multifaceted and highly lucrative, new job opportunities and the respect of peers and colleagues being a few. Knowledge of project management also enables the development of new project management skills, as hands on experience begets further expertise, expertise that proves viable in the long run, and short term.
An employee’s value increases as she/he is able to devise new ways of increasing productivity, while saving time and payroll. Project management courses endow one the wherewithal to perform such feats with confidence and consistency, no matter the work environment or corresponding project. Four day classes in Agile Project Management, or a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, are just a few offerings by Parallel Project Training. Granted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the Project Management Professional certificate is the most widely recognized global project management qualification.
No worries about scheduling. Parallel Project Training employs an integrated four prong Parallel Learning System that includes study guides (a course in a book), e-learning, podcasts, and workshops. Flexibility is of the utmost: study on the train, plane, tube, on the web, or face to face.
But Parallel Project Training doesn’t merely cater to individuals, nor is a workable knowledge of project management merely beneficial to individuals. Corporate entities who understand the power of cooperative planning, teamwork, division of labor, and how to organize teams who understand these things, are instantaneously miles ahead of the competition. Parallel Project Training offers in-house training for corporate groups. Learn how to craft structured approaches to tackling complex projects with ease. Devise exciting ways to mesh the right training with the correct individual, and at the most opportune time to raise motivation and profit potential. Intensify project management skills on the part of employees and build strong teams whose members can more than pull their own weight, and even step up on occasion when required. Bespoke Training Courses also offered, tailoring corporate needs through the Parallel Development Process, a brilliant system (broken down into phases) in which a corporate culture is analyzed and growth opportunities developed, and training provided up to and including evaluation.
Like a true business ally, Parallel Project Training remains available to all past clients, offering continued attention and support.For more detail on our project management training courses contact Parallel Project Training


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