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Data to Wisdom – Creating and Managing Knowledge

PMI is placing an increased emphasis on the effective management of knowledge in the 6th Edition of the PMBOK (to be published in Sept. 2017) that builds on the foundations laid in the 5th Edition.  While there are many aspects of effective knowledge management this post looks at the foundations …

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Software review: PrimaveraReader

review of PrimaveraReader

Is PrimaveraReader the solution to needing a Primavera licence for everyone on your team – even people who only need to look at the schedule without making changes? We review whether this tool can cut costs and improve productivity for your project team.

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Why IT rercuiters must work harder to get noticed

how to stand out from the crowd

What did you make of the deliberate spelling mistake in the header? Hopefully, it got your attention on a page full of search engine results or list of blogs fighting for your attention. Did you notice it? I just did a little experiment by presenting 10 people in the office …

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7 Silver bullets to stop office politics killing your IT projects

stop office politics killing your IT projects

Office politics! Working in IT Project Management, given the profession’s prominent role in the facilitation of business strategy and driving business change, you’d think we’d be above it! Project managers and leaders are among the most intelligent individuals you could hope to work with and yet many IT Projects are …

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Are you a decisive or a divisive decision maker??

Every manager and leader has to make decisions – good ones make the right decisions most of the time.  However, the way decisions are made and communicated can either lead to division and discord or to understanding and a commitment to making the decision ‘stick’. Divisive Decision Makers Divisive decision …

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