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All I need is a PPM tool and a PMO, right?

PPM Tool

All of us work in organisations that have resources deployed to deliver our mission – be that delivering construction projects, developing software, providing education services – all sorts. Some are delivered as services, some as projects, some as assets or products. None of us can stand still. We are all …

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Managing Change Successfully: 3 Skills Every Leader Needs

managing change - complex organisational change

For anyone currently in a leadership role a range of skills, experience and capabilities are required to succeed in that role, and some are more important than others. But when you are managing complex organisational change there are certain skills that are absolutely vital to ensure the change delivers the …

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It’s good to talk but difficult to communicate

project communication

One of the insights from this year’s AXELOS PPM benchmark report was that poor communication continues to be the biggest challenge hampering projects and programmes. Even with the availability of a vast choice of communication technology many project teams fail to communicate effectively. So, it might not be too much …

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Is Accountability Strangling IT Project Innovation?

IT Project Management

Is Accountability Strangling IT Project Innovation? Why is it, with VERY public IT projects, that when they fail everyone seems to want to wash their dirty laundry in front of all to see? Accountability, apparently. Public interest. It’s public money. The public has a right to know what went wrong. …

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