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3 Preventable Tech Issues That Can Slow Down Any Project

Project tech issues

Every project, simple or complex, is vulnerable to delays regardless of how well planned the schedule is. This is a jarring reality in the project management landscape.   More often than not, when delays surface, they cripple the workflow process and lead to project failure. Consequently, they leave us agonizing …

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Embrace the change: Getting to grips with new IT systems

new IT systems

New IT systems for a growing business can be an exciting prospect and deliver many benefits, but how do you convince employees to embrace them?   Technology is constantly evolving and keeping up with new systems can be a challenge for businesses, not least because of the resource involved in …

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5 Skills Needed To Drive Future Projects

PM skills

Why do projects fail?   It’s a question that invites a lot of interest and significant statistics. And there are no wrong answers here. Skills shortages are a common opinion considering that the right skills have the power to revitalize a project. Conversely, a shortage of it can delay, halt …

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