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What Should Be On Your Project Initiation Checklist?

project initiation checklist

Before you even begin work on a project, there are a number of things that you must consider; these are the things that you need to have on your project initiation checklist.   When it comes to starting your projects, it is essential to begin things the right way; this …

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When to admit you need more help with a project?

tasks involved in search engine optimisation

As a project manager it is important to understand when you need more help with a project. Here we look at when you should admit you need this help.   The experts at Parallel Project Training believe too often in the workplace we can be reluctant to ask for help, …

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5 Skills Needed To Drive Future Projects

PM skills

Why do projects fail?   It’s a question that invites a lot of interest and significant statistics. And there are no wrong answers here. Skills shortages are a common opinion considering that the right skills have the power to revitalize a project. Conversely, a shortage of it can delay, halt …

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Is Any Project Ever Truly Successful?

Benefits of project management

With so many corporate projects of all different types failing to live up to initial expectations you might wonder if any project could ever be considered successful when compared against the original aims and expectations. At the start of a project there is usually a very clear idea of what …

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Pitching an IT project? Benefits sell, details don’t

IT Project Management

It makes sense doesn’t it? Which exercise DVD are you going to buy? The one that features 50 different gruelling exercises or the one that promises you’ll drop a dress size in a week? Harvard Business School professor, Theodore Levitt, once put this beautifully, “People don’t want to buy a …

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